David B. Kinney Jr.

Detailed oriented CAD / CAFM Professional


♦ "Dave is a hard worker and very dependable. Puts forth a complete effort to take care of the work that he is tasked to do, and makes sure that he has done it right. Initiates the cleanup of drawings and understands the job that needs to be completed and what needs to be done. Looks at a drawing and understands more of what it is I look for and what he also expects out of a drawing. Once given a job to do, does it well and looks to make sure that he has captured all that is required and does not need someone looking over his shoulder. He is definitely one who I think adds to what we are as a Company. He’s looking to improve himself all the time and very eager to learn new things. He’s very much a team player and a pleasure to work with." 

- Jim Fields CADD/CAFM Consultant, Terminal Velocity FM.  Managed David directly at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals & Pfizer (10/10/2008)


♦ “Dave's contributions were instrumental in retaining key accounts for TVFM. His AutoCad skills were so good he had clients asking for him by name when they called in. Dave's a pleasure to work with and someone you can count on.”

- Ron Natale, B.S.E.E, MCSE, Project Manager, Sr. Consultant, TVFM.  Worked directly with David at Terminal Velocity FM (02/04/09)


♦" Dave has been steadily improving his visibility as a valued and responsible go to person for many of the different people in our group. Dave has done an outstanding job of being able to respond to all of these varying personalities. As far as his ability to provide AutoCAD and field support I can not really directly speak to that, but have discussed with others on occasion. Dave has improved his knowledge of AutoCAD to directly support our day to day task and even gone above to learn an easier and more direct way to complete request. He has also proven a valued part of the team here as he continues to learn, update and support all aspects of our daily task and request.  Over the next year we will be looking for Dave to be play an even larger roll in developing more of our standards and bench marks. Then we can start setting some goals to start tracking some metric to make sure that we are meeting our internal and external customers needs in a consistent manner.  Thank you for this opportunity to help advance Dave's carrier in a positive way."

- Mark Winter, Sr. Mgr. Facilities Planning, R&D Administration at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals & Pfizer (05/15/08)


♦ "It has been my pleasure to supervise Mr. David Kinney, Jr. durring his time at Terminal Velocity FM.  When Terminal Velocity FM hired him, we were very impressed with his qualifications, motivation, and presence.  He has consistently demonstrated value in all aspects of his work throughout his employment with us.  We admire, appreciate, and value David’s work.


If you are reading this, and are looking for a great CAD person, with good intrapersonal skills, management, and an ability to perform in almost any situation, please give this gentleman a try.  You will not regret it, in my opinion.  I can give no better reference personally or professionally than this"


David has worked in the area of Facilities Management CAD for us doing some of the following tasks:

  • As built field verification and CAD for HVAC, Electrical, Fire Evacuation, Architectural, process piping, reflected ceiling
  • Computer Aided Facilities Management polylines, space categorization and linking in ARCHIBUS and FM Desktop
  • Development and presentation of CAD training for AutoCAD 2007

- Janis Jaye Phelps, Principal Owner At Terminal Velocity FM.  Managed David directly at Terminal Velocity FM (05/28/08)



♦ “David performs work at an exceptionally high level with dilligence and attention to detail.  His great personality and professional working relationship make him an asset to completing projects on time with the highest quality.  I recommend David for any CAFM / CAD Work.”

- Edward Kazanjian, Analytics Consultant at Discovery Analytics.  Worked directly with David at Wyeth Pharmaceutical & Pfizer (08/31/11)


♦ “David is a very talented CAD operator.  He is flexible with work requests and is not afraid to tackle new tasks which he has not previously attempted.  This was demonstrated by his quick learning curve in taking over CAFM responsibilities in addition to his record documentation of ever changing MEP system changes.”

- Anthony Tuccelli, Reliability Maintenance Engineer, Worked directly with David at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals & Pfizer (08/31/11)